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KWH Meter 4 U
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Single Phase KWH Meters

200 Amps - Single Phase. This Rugged Meter has the Built In Quality that has been the Trademark of Americain Made KWH Meters over the Last Century.
We are selling a standard Single Phase Kilowatt Hour meter that is ideal for measuring, and charging for electricity supplied to a tenant. The 200 Amp capacity makes it ideal for tenant housing, construction trailers, offices, barns, double wide trailers, apartments. Or even the selfish, self centered teenager, that installed a window air conditioner in their room, because you don't have central air (Ka-Ching).

You can also use this KWH Meter as a demand meter to see how much electricity you are using on a particular load or appliance operating at 120 Volts, 240 Volts, or both (such as an Electric Dryer, or Electric Range). You can pay with PayPal, for next business day shipping.

This meter has a "No Questions Asked" Refund Policy, as well as a Fully Certified Two Year Guarantee. Both of which are fully explained below.


Our customers who are reselling electricity know they can count on their accuracy. You can too. We calibrate to the same exacting standards as U.S. Electric Utilities. These standards are set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Our accuracy is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Our automated testing equipment is the finest available, and is the same as most utilities use.

This type of meter is suitable for outdoors, and has a proven track record. Meters like this have been used by countless utility companies throughout the last century. Its basic design, and simplicity, makes it very cost effective, saving hundreds of dollars over more complex electronic kilowatt hour meters. This meter installs in a common 4-jaw meter socket cabinet, available at most home improvement stores.

Calibrated within 1% at Full Load, with 100% power factor

Guaranteed Two Full Years
Easy To Read Numerical Display
Can be used in the following three configurations:
120/240 Volts 3-Wire System or
120 Volt 2-Wire System or
240 Volt 2-wire System
Includes A Drawing for 120 Volt 2-Wire Configuration.
Single Phase
200 Amp Capacity
Suitable For Outdoors
Fits Standard Four Jaw Meter Socket
Conforms to ANSI C12 Standards

If you have any doubts about your ability to install this item, then donít. Call a qualified electrician, or licensed electrical contractor. Lives are not replaceable.


If you're not completely satisfied with this product, the full purchase price, excluding shipping and handling, will be cheerfully refunded, upon its pre-paid return. No Questions Asked. Returns must be received within 30 days from date of purchase.


If your Guaranteed meter fails under normal usage within two years of the purchase date, due to workmanship or internal parts failure, the meter will be replaced free of charge upon its return. Abuse, improper installation, or internal tampering will void this Guarantee. This Guarantee is restricted to meter replacement only.


This Quality Meter is offered for sale as a stand alone product for $89.95 and is shipped the Next Day.


Shipping within the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii, and US Possessions. Shipments are made via Parcel Post or other appropriate means. We do not ship internationally. 9.5% Sales Tax applicable if shipped to Arizona.

Please allow 5 days for transit once we receive payment. Shipping price includes shipping, handling and Insurance.

The Shipping and Handling Cost is $15.00, for this item within the United States. Multiple meters earn reduced shipping, call or e-mail and request an invoice. 


The preferred method of payment is with a credit card using PayPal. When using PayPal, Please Make Payment to

Other acceptable methods of payment are Money Order, Cashiers Check, Personal Check, or Company Check.

Expect up to ten additional days delay, while company or personal check clears.

All meters are utility grade, made in the USA, but may not be brand specific.

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